How to Become More Confident

Self-confidence is an essential part of a successful and happy life. It’s impossible to talk about confidence and avoid the topic of believing in yourself as these two elements come together. It’s impossible to find inner peace and harmony, achieve your goals, and celebrate victories when you are not confident about your own personality, uniqueness, importance. Here are a few tips on how to become more confident every day.

Don’t Be Perfect

Perfectionism is not always a good or bad thing – it’s just a quality that might help you or vice versa – keep you away from what you really want and need.

When you are trying to improve your self-confidence and nurture it, you need to understand the role of perfectionism in your life. It might not always be that obvious, but working on your perfectionism is the first step towards self-confidence.

You need to learn how to be unperfect. And how to live with your small mistakes and falls without constantly picking on yourself for not doing enough. Only when you realize that there are no perfect people and everyone makes mistakes, you can lift yourself to another level of love towards the world and your persona.

A mistake doesn’t make you worthless. And even if you mess up, it’s not the end of the world. Believe in your victories, not in your failures.

Don’t Talk Negatively About Yourself

Sometimes we tend to think that we are not that interesting, attractive, or capable of doing something great. We repeat phrases like “I’m a failure,” “I don’t deserve that attention,” or even “I don’t love myself.” However, until you are thinking about yourself in this way, you can’t get out of this circle.

There is no magic spell that will make you feel confident about yourself, or special. FEEl special. Think of yourself as the most precious gift of life, as YOU are the only person who stops you from finding the right direction and achieving your goals.

Tell yourself, that you will never speak negatively about your looks, character, personality. Avoid telling other people that you don’t have any hobbies or that your life is boring, and your job is a joke. Create an affirmation that you would repeat every day until you believe in it, like: “I’m on my way to find what I really want to do. I love trying new things. I am grateful for an opportunity to be in this world.” Even if you don’t feel like it, you can trick yourself into feeling much more confident about yourself and your future. This is when you really start being confident.

Don’t Compare Yourself

It’s hard to avoid comparing your life to others as we live in the era of social media, celebrities, and TV shows. However, once you learn how to live your life without looking at other people and being jealous of their hair, outfits, money, cars, families, etc., you will know how to detect false needs and cravings. 

We all value different things in our life and have different priorities. But some things are not created by our inner wish, but more likely because other people have it. For example, you might be jealous of that student who gets straight A’s, and your family expects you to do the same. However, SHOULD you really have straight A’s? Do you really feel like you will be happier? 

The only thing that we really should do in our life is to be happy. And if you are not going to continue your education as a grad student, then why do you need straight A’s as this is not the same as being a successful student. You can do what you can and avoid getting stressed and frustrated when you get a B. Eventually, it’s better for your mental health.

Learn Something New

It’s always great to improve your skills and be aspired to learn something new. Self-confidence is tightly connected to abilities, skills, and opportunities, so it’s a great start for you to feel more confident. It might also be a great benefit for your future career or can make you special in a group of friends. Like, you can start playing harmonica – it’s just cool and it makes you stand out.

Confidence can be and should be nurtured. And as we believe that you can do this, you should also believe in yourself. You can get the job of your dreams, you can successfully graduate, you can and should find great people in your life. Imagine you are starting a new journey, full of positive emotions and happiness. This is the state that you should remember to keep yourself in. This is the time for you to be confident about yourself.

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