10 Awesome Spring Break Destinations

Ah, that time-honored tradition from the hallowed halls of academia, when thousands of students hit the beaches and clubs for a week of rule-free partying.

But what’s the best place to partake of all this fun without breaking the bank?

Here is a list of budget-friendly, popular destinations to consider for your spring break adventures.

1. The Bahamas. This destination offers alluring white sand, affordable lodgings, and a fun Caribbean atmosphere. Just three short hours away from Miami by cruise ship,you can enjoy the vibrant party scene in Nassau or the bar-lined streets of Freeport.

2. South Padre Island. A popular family destination for the rest of the year, this beach party haven welcomes hundreds of college students for spring break. The barrier island between Texas and Mexico offers affordable places to stay and an inviting party scene.

3. Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy the sands and water by day and one of the world’s best club scenes by night. Be sure to check out the EDM mega clubs and the famous weekly foam party at Collage.

4. Cancún. It’s reputation as a party destination is legendary, and it has lost none of its allure. An influx of students from Europe and South America gives this destination an international flair. It also features affordable lodgings and lively nightlife.

5. Orlando. It’s not just for 9-year-olds any more. Enjoy the legendary rollercoasters in the theme parks and experience all the countries of the world at Epcot center. With cheap lodging off-property, you have one of the most perfect and most under-rated spring break destinations out there.

6. Miami Beach. Although a bit pricier than other destinations, it’s tough to beat the bars and beaches of this spring break hot spot. The crazed pool parties and 24-hour strip clubs make it worth the extra cost.

7. Playa del Carmen. Popular and affordable, this destination is often compared to Cancún. However, it is much more laid-back and mellow. If you seek a relaxing vacation lounging on the beach and strolling through charming shops, this is the place for you.

8. Cabo San Lucas. Despite somewhat steep hotel rates, Cabo San Lucas is well worth it with the most beautiful beaches and the liveliest nightlife on the Baja California peninsula. Enjoy the sand and sun at El Médano and surf the waves of Zippers.

9. Maui. During the spring break season, this popular tourist spot lowers its usually steep prices to welcome in young travelers. With 30 miles of beach, including gorgeous pools, waterfalls, and promontories, Maui is well worth the trip.

10. Key West. A manageable drive from most college campuses, Key West could easily be a spring break destination all year long. Although its beaches do not quite measure up to the others on this list, the crazed fun of Duval Street more than makes up for it. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, this is also an ideal spot for snorkeling among the coral reefs.

So gather up your friends, book your tickets, and get ready for a vacation that you will never forget!

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