Signs of College Burnout 

Burnout among students is not rare. Psychological pressure, stress, anxiety, social distance – all of these things add to financial difficulties, relationship worries, and uncertainty […]

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How to Catch Up With Studies After a Break

Sometimes it happens that you fall behind during one of the semesters due to various circumstances. It often happens to a majority of students, and […]

College Life

How to Stop Being a Last-Minute Person

Do you find it relatable: you are always procrastinating too much, thinking that you still have a lot of time ahead to complete a task, […]

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Boosting Energy Without Caffeine: Is It Possible?

Staying up and completing one assignment after another is surely energy-consuming. So, if you are looking for some tips that will help you boost your […]

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How to Get Along With Your Roommates

Living in a dorm or renting an apartment often means living with roommates who you might not even like at all. But even if you […]

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Fiction Writing Don’ts

Fiction writing is a lot of fun – unlike academic writing, it is more about your imagination and creative juice. It is also a great […]


Typical College Stressors and How to Cope With Them

It’s no surprise that college is a stressful period. Students face multiple various difficulties that make it harder to stay focused and avoid burnout. That’s […]

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