Money Back Guarantee

When you see the terms that are capitalized in this Money back guarantee, it means that they have the similar sense as those mentioned in our Terms of Use, in case it was not specified in any other way.

We provide you with a limited option to demand the money you paid (in other words, to make a refund). It is possible to issue a refund to the original payment source only. The rules below shall be strictly observed so that you can get a successful refund.

Refund Terms

Independently of the term under which it is possible to annul the Services you ordered with us and may ask for a refund, you may apply for the following types of a refund before the delivered Paper is approved by you.

  1. a 100% refund in
    1. a payment mistake
      has been made (such as a double payment, identical orders, etc).
      The case must be reported to us at once. The refund is only
      possible if the writer has not yet been assigned,
    2. if no suitable writer is available. You will be contacted in such a
      case, and a refund will be initiated by us,
    3. the text material is
      no longer required by you because the deadline was missed and it
      was not delivered to you. No text material will be sent to you in
      such a case. Also, you will not be granted with the right to use
      any materials you may have received before on this order.

  2. a 70% refund if:
    1. the annulment of the Order after we have assigned a writer is initiated, with it less than 50% of the deadline has already past. The writer must get a compensation for the work already done within this period of time.

  3. a 50% refund if:
    1. no writer is
      available for your revision,
    2. the annulment of the Order after we have assigned a writer is initiated, with it more than 50% of the deadline has already past. The writer must be compensated for the work already done within this period of time.

In case the refund procedure is initiated, any right provided to you according to our Terms of Use with Copyright License must be ceased at once.

If you send the text material for a revision, it means that you approve of your order in general, and only minor adjustments are required. On this occasion, a 100% refund will be impossible if the text material is sent for a revision.

If the writer was late with the revision of your work, our Customer Experience Manager will estimate and define the refund amount, which will be based on the assessment of your Order. Please keep in mind that the refund, in this case, cannot exceed 50% of the price initially paid by you for your Order.

Please note that the refund option is not applicable to:

  • VAT;
  • the Store Credit Balance you use;
  • cases in which Quality Assurance department considers your initial instructions to be satisfied;
  • cases when the requirements of the Terms of Use document are not met;
  • discounts and Optional Services, such as VIP customer service, TOP Writer, Abstract, Plagiarism report, Sources Used, Table of Contents/Outline, and Editor’s check;
  • cases when you have already pressed the “Approve” button;
  • Multiple Choice Question assignments and Problem Solving assignments. Using answers provided by the writer automatically means their approval. In case the writer scores less than 50% of correct answers you can be qualified for the partial credit. The amount of credit is decided by the Customer Experience Manager separately in each case.

Cooling-Off Period

Your Order can be annulled under other circumstances and for whatever reason after the Order is placed and thereafter within fourteen (14) days (which is a “Cooling-Off Refund Period”) starting from the date your Order was accepted (just like stated in Clause “Formation of the Contract”). Once this time frame expires, the refund will not be possible in this case.

Using your right to get a refund is possible if you get us in touch. If you want to be in time with the deadline of annulment of your Order, you will need to present (send) your communication as for your right to get a refund prior the expiration period of the Refund Period runs out of time.

Your Order is subjected to a full (100%) refund of the total cost for the Services paid by you in case we have not begun to provide the Services as you requested until the Cooling-Off Refund Period ended.

On the contrary, if we began to provide you the Services as you requested prior the Cooling-Off Refund Period ended, in that case, it is required for you to make a payment for the Services we have begun to make before you got us in touch.

You will be issued any type of the refund during fourteen (14) days counting from the date when you let us know that you decided on the cancellation of your Order. With it, the refund will be issued with the help of the same payment method that was used by you initially, if we didn’t agree in some other way.