4 Important Decisions a College Student Makes: How to Avoid Mistakes

Throughout your college years, there will be multiple situations when you need to make a choice. And even small choices like staying up all night or postponing your essay can really make a huge difference in perspective. However, there are four major choices that might define your whole life. Let’s take a look at these situations and learn how to avoid mistakes.

College and Major/Minor

Of course, when you think of huge student decisions, the problem of picking the right college and major comes to mind first. It’s not that hard to fall for beautiful pamphlets or your friend’s story about what a great experience they had in a particular college – and as a result make a poor choice that doesn’t really match your expectations and your goals.

So, when choosing a college and your future profession, it’s important to trust your guts but do your research on the program of a learning institution, their history, reviews, etc. You should also pay a visit to see what the campus and the dorms look like in order to see the whole picture. Surely, you can’t know for sure who the people you will be living side by side will be, but it’s better than nothing. Never neglect the research step otherwise you might regret your college decision.

When it comes to your major, it’s always good to have some knowledge and experience with the field itself before you start your education process. For example, the profession of an archeologist might seem very attractive and even romantic in some way. But if you have an opportunity to talk to a true archeologist before you decide to become one, you can ask about all the details and the learning process while you are still hesitant. It will allow you to have more information on your hands and decide if you are truly in love with the field or with just an image of it.


You might not admit it but your views of norms, relationships, and the world, in general, are significantly affected by the people who you are surrounded with. And the stories about students getting into horrible situations because of the wrong company are very common. So, your choice of friends should also be wise.

Some students feel very lonely throughout their college years and this is also not okay, but trying to impress people who don’t really bring you joy or a positive attitude is one of the ways that will lead you to the wrong place. Never try to make friends with people who are not treating you well. Be sure to have your own head on your shoulders and get rid of toxic people in your life.

Summertime Activities

When it comes to summer break, many students don’t know what to do. There are multiple great things you can do to make your summer a great experience. 

For example, one of the most productive and important study-wise ways to spend your summer is to attend summer school or various lectures, study groups, classes, internships, and practice studies. If you are willing to spend your summer in this way, you will get multiple benefits, like some extra credits, great in-depth knowledge, and some practical experience. You might also want to go to summer classes if you want to graduate early. Our service can help you get through summer assignments and have some time for fun.

Another great option is to get a job, travel, volunteer, spend time with your family and friends, learn some new skills, or even learn a new language. Just make sure you choose the option that suits your mood and needs and allows you to be productive and happy.

Your Future Plans

Sometimes we think that we know it all and can surely see how our future would go. However, life is full of unpredictable things and we should learn how to be flexible and adaptive. But it doesn’t mean that we should not make plans.

Think of what you would like your future to be and write a plan. Planning is awesome no matter what it is meant for – it just helps you clearly see what you should do in order to achieve your goals. Create a habit of planning your day, your week, and your month in order to learn how to stick to your plan and complete your tasks on time. Not only it’s a great exercise for you to meditate a little but it also teaches you some time-management skills. 

You should also create a brief plan of what you would like to do after you graduate. It will come in handy when you are asked about it during the job interviews and will allow you to take steps in order to make your plans come true.

But the decision of what to do in the future is also a very delicate topic. The best advice here is to follow your heart instead of trying to satisfy someone’s ambitions or expectations. You will never meet everyone’s expectations, it’s just impossible. So be you!

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