Best Cheap Purchases for Your Dorm Room

Living in a dorm is not always that great. Especially when you wish you had a little bit more comfort and privacy. However, some little things might make your room cozier and your studying easier. We have found the best inexpensive purchases that you definitely need for your dorm room. 

Mattress Protector With a Topper

Everyone knows that mattresses in dorms are not the best comfort-wise. Another thing that might bother you is bedbugs which cause allergy reactions, bites, itchiness, and bad sleep. If you would like to make your sleep a little bit more comfortable, protect yourself from bedbugs, and avoid cleaning a mattress after its former user, you should definitely invest in a mattress protector. By the way, they don’t cost much.

Shower Caddy

One of the most annoying things that a student who is living in a dorm might face is the need to carry all of your shower essentials in your hands. Moreover, common showers are not a place where you would like to put your shampoos, soaps, and razors on a shelf or floor. That’s why shower caddies are great to take with you to the dorm. They help you carry and store your hygienic products safely and easily. 

Sticky or Command Hooks

You know for sure you will miss your posters, shelves, and room décor while you are in college. And it’s all because you are not supposed to put anything on the walls that can permanently damage them. However, there is a solution – command hooks that can stick to a wall and which you can use to hang your clothes, paintings, holders, Christmas lights, etc. One of the best inexpensive purchases for a student.

Sleep Mask and Earplugs

Students know how frustrating it is when you are trying to fall asleep with your roommate being awake. Dorm parties are also not rare, so if you can’t sleep with all the noises and bright light, you should definitely buy a pair of earplugs and a sleep mask. Another benefit of earplugs is that they can be used when you are trying to concentrate on your studies and don’t want to be distracted by the noises.

Water Filter

Water is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. You never know what the quality of tap water in a dorm is, so filtering it is a great decision. You don’t need to search for a water fountain nearby anymore as you can have clear water at any time. Moreover, you can keep your filter in a fridge if you like drinking cold water. There are many various options of water filters that you might be choosing from, some very cheap. Make sure to learn more about filter cartridges and pick the one that suits your needs and is within your budget. 

Bed Risers

The space under your bed is a perfect spot to store your belongings. Many dorms provide students with beds that are lifted for more storage space underneath. However, if your bed is not, you should not worry as there is a specific product that can solve your problem. Bed lifters are used to make the bed stand higher above the ground and can be removed at any point. Convenient!

Plastic Containers

So, the storage space in a dorm room is very limited. As it was said earlier, the space under the bed is one of the most convenient places to store your belongings. But you don’t want to pile them right on the floor. What you need is to purchase a few plastic containers that are very helpful when you need to put a lot of things together. There are also containers that can be rolled under the bed or the ones that have many compartments for storing small items by category.

These are the best cheap purchases that you should definitely consider to make your dorm room more comfortable for living. Make sure to check online deals for these items to find the best price.

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