Don’t Know What to Do: Should You Quit College?

College students are the ones who live under pressure for long periods of time and deal with lots of various obstacles in their ways. That’s why some of them might get confused and overwhelmed to the point they want to quit college. If you are the one who is considering this option, keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of leaving college in order to make the right choice.

Why People Choose to Leave College

Not everyone feels they belong when they go to college. Many students face the harsh reality which differs from the expectations they had before. For example, total freedom and the chance to choose your future and your priorities. But the freedom is not always that sweet to taste. That’s why not everyone is ready for the change. 

Many students choose to quit college because they don’t like it there that much. A lot of homework, challenging projects, the need to deal with more difficulties every day, like managing finances, housing, time schedules, etc. It all piles up into one big ball of stress and sometimes even depression. Especially if you are the one who lives under the pressure of expectation from your parents or professors. 

And leaving college in this situation seems like a safe zone option. Many successful people never graduated from college and it might inspire you to start your own career without a degree. This might be a great chance for you.

However, you should understand that not that many people are that successful as we all would like to be. So, here is something that you should consider – college is just another opportunity, why not take it?

Pros of Dropping out of College

Of course, there are situations when leaving college is the right choice. For example, when you want to save your money and see that there is not much potential to your learning institution in terms of your future career. If you find yourself making the wrong major choice, it’s up to you whether you want to quit or to change your major. Almost every third college student in the US thinks about or does change their college major. And there is nothing wrong with finding your true self.

But leaving college for the good is a whole another case. So, the following are the positive aspects of making this choice:

  • Saving money on tuition is very expensive nowadays, so it’s a crucial point for many people.
  • Starting your career right away without waiting.
  • No need to stay on campus, you can go to whatever place you would like to.
  • No need to do homework.
  • No need to deal with people or courses that you absolutely hate.

These might be valuable reasons for someone to quit college, but you also should know about the cons of such a decision.

Cons of Dropping out of College

While you might think that the pros of such a decision are great, you should better look at your long-term goals and plans. If you do so, you will see, that quitting might benefit you now, when you are vulnerable and hurt by the stress caused by studying. However, in a perspective, it will only make you regret your decision.

For example, you might want to pursue your career in the future that will require you to have a degree in the field with proper documents to attach to your application. A degree is often seen as a benefit a great addition to a resume even if an applicant has proper job experience. So a candidate with a degree will always be the one that an employer chooses. And not because of the formalities. But because college is the place where you learn how to learn – to improve your skills, to face difficulties and cope with them, to manage your time and stress. It is basically a life-changing experience. And it’s a good knowledge base that is well-structured.

So, here are the cons of dropping out of college:

  • You will lose you progress that you have already made in college.
  • You will make your resume less attractive from the employer’s point of view.
  • You will not experience all the college moments that make good memories.
  • You might lose an opportunity to make great connections with people important for your career.
  • You might lose an opportunity to be an intern at a great place where you can start your career and boost your resume.
  • You will lose a few years in case you would want to continue your education in the future.
  • You will likely start your career at the same places as your peers, so there is no point.
  • You will miss a chance to make great friends.

As you can see, there are a lot more cons than pros of leaving college. But the decision is always only yours to make. So, make sure you are the one who is responsible for your choice. Achieve your goals and dream big. Good luck!

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