How College Writing Helps You in Real Life

If you’re not quite a fan of writing, you probably want to forget about all the essays, research papers and lab reports like about a nightmare. This desire is quite understandable. However, when you’re assigned with the next paper, take a moment before rolling your eyes and sighing with despair. Academic writing may benefit you after college in a number of unexpected ways.

Organizes Your Thinking

Quite often, you’ll be asked to write long, elaborate pieces, researching certain issues or proving your point of view. Despite deviations from a rigid structure will be allowed from time to time, academic papers are quite formulaic. Having written certain amount of them, you’ll see, that your brain has developed patterns, that significantly shorten the way to interesting, profound conclusions.

There are less or more precise recipes of creating decent essays and term papers. Once you learn them you’ll be able to apply those to other life situations. For instance, knowing how to create proper hook sentences will help you engage audiences in your Twitter-based PR activities. Ability to write succinct, yet informative lab reports will help you worry less, when you’ll need to compose a monthly report for your boss.

Teaches Research Skills

To write a truly first-class paper, most of the time you’ll need to back your viewpoints with arguments from credible and respected resources. Frequently, you’ll spend some time, looking for the perfect proofs of your ideas. Quite soon you’ll learn how to to separate the wheat from the chaff in a much faster and more efficient manner. Plus, conducting original research is inevitable once you start writing a thesis or a dissertation.

This skill may come in handy in different life stations. Analyzing customers’ behavior before launching a new product, estimating your competitor’s policy – it’s just the top of an iceberg. Being able to conduct a research is extremely helpful as it enables you to get to a far more satisfying and thoughtful results.

Boosts Your Efficiency

You’d be surprised if you found out how many people are simply terrified by writing. Even composing the simplest email may take several hours. Learning how to write well at college will save you from troubles of this kind.

Non-academic writing comes in different shapes: emails, press-releases, blog posts. Being good with words and grammar will provide you with an opportunity to bring value to different processes at the workplace, thus, accelerating your movement up the career ladder.

Makes You Learn

Writing academic papers you inevitably learn something. Sometimes you end up reading something quite unexpected. (We’ve all been there: reading an article about Titanic turbines, when you need to write an English literature essay). Nevertheless, it’s still awesome.

Another academic paper may motivate to study a certain topic deeply and comprehensively. That’s a great chance to broaden your horizons and develop personally. Plus, college writing makes you constantly work on grammar and vocabulary, which is definitely a good thing.

And So Much More

Believe it or not, writing is great. First, it’s a fantastic way of self-expression. You may write prose, poetry, or simply reflect on a certain topic in a blog post. Either way, you unleash your creativity and let the world know about your thoughts and feelings.

Second, you can influence people via your texts. Social media has never been so powerful. Even a short message may cause a stir of opinions and reactions, if the words are chosen with care and wisdom. Be careful, though: with great power comes great responsibility.

Last but not least, writing may open a lot of doors for you. Writing a strong motivation essay for a scholarship or an impressive cover letter, applying for the job of your dreams may dramatically increase your chances. You may even win a goat farm, providing that your writing is passionate and convincing enough. (No kidding.)

Writing can be exhausting. At the same time, it may be inspiring and fulfilling. You’re the one to choose the side you’re on. In case the phrase “academic papers” makes you jitter – feel free to pick another area to invest your time and energy in. But at least consider writing – you may truly enjoy it.

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