How to Answer the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Some of the reasons behind our fears and anxiety come from the lack of knowledge and experience. The more you know what to expect from the near future or some event, the more you can do to make yourself confident and ready. This blog post will help you to get ready for a job interview as we have prepared some tips on how to answer the most common interview questions.

How did you find out about this opportunity?

Many candidates don’t understand why they are asked this question. Eventually, what’s the difference? However, there is indeed a difference for a recruiter – employers want to know if you’re actively looking for work or were suggested by an existing/former employee. It helps a specialist not only understand your approach but also understand the tendencies among their team members.

If you were recommended for the post, mention their name – don’t just assume that your interviewer knows about any suggestions from the employees. You can also mention if this employee is your partner, friend, or relative as some companies have their own policies regarding relations in the team. So, it’s better to avoid misunderstanding from the very beginning.

If you have found an ad yourself – talk about the platform that you were searching on and why this vacancy made you interested in the company. Highlight the main factors that made you interested in the particular opportunity.

Could you tell me a little about yourself and your background?

When you are asked to tell about yourself, don’t be shy – interviewers enjoy hearing stories as some of them are very unique and tell a lot about you as personal with interests and experience.

It shouldn’t be a long essay about you from the very early years though. Discuss a meaningful incident that sparked your interest in the profession, why you chose your major, or why you decided to work in another field. You can also talk about your academic achievements or interesting cases and projects. This will be enough if you don’t have any work experience.

If you have job experience, mention how you handled big projects or teamwork. What difficulties you have managed to cope with and what you have succeeded in. It might be some small victory like overcoming a fear of phone calls but it will describe you as a person who can improve yourself.

Is this the only job that you are applying for?

This is not actually a good question to be asked as it is obvious that people can’t wait for long to be hired and consider various opportunities. However, you should not be afraid of such a question – interviewers want to know if you’re serious about the job and if you are their preferred candidate.

The best policy is to be honest, say as it is if you’re actively seeking offers. You don’t have to tell where you’re applying, it’s not a must, however, they may want to know where you are in the hiring process with other organizations.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?/  What makes you so interested in this position?

The recruiting manager needs to know if you meet all of the expectations. Of course, your resume and your experience are usually enough to tell if you are a good fit but they also want you to describe your motivation and thoughts.

Highlight what you can provide and why you should be hired. This is a question that you can get prepared for by going over the job description’s requirements. It’s crucial to do it before the interview and do your research on the company’s mission, goals, and policy. Take some time to learn about the firm, its goods, services, culture, and mission before answering this interview question, which allows you to demonstrate your knowledge to the interviewer. When answering the question mention details about your favorite features of the organization and job, as well.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

A lot of times interviewers want to know how you view your own qualities and your personality to understand if you are a good fit for a job.

When asked about your biggest strengths, it’s critical to talk more about the qualities that qualify you for the job as this is the main goal of a job interview. Remember that while declaring that you are a great problem solver, it’s great to provide a story that proves this, preferably using an instance from your professional experience.

You also can’t simply say that you don’t have any weaknesses as it would sound strange. Turn apparent “weaknesses” into strengths by framing your responses around positive parts of your skills and abilities as an employee. Another option is to make a joke, like saying that pizza is your weakness. Make sure you feel the mood of an interviewer and your joke suits the situation.

What are your long-term objectives?/ Where do you see yourself in five years?

Not every person understands this question and why it is asked. This question is intended to determine whether you intend to stay or go as soon as a better opportunity presents itself. Assure the interviewer that the position fits your long-term objectives and you are very interested and motivated to stay in the company.

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