How to Find the Perfect Roommate

The person you will live in the same place with sometimes is the most important factor that might influence your college experience. If you find a good roommate who you can become friends with, the life of both of you on campus is going to be a great journey. However, a roommate who you absolutely hate can spoil the best moments of your college life. So, how can you find the perfect roommate? Here is a guide from us.

Define Your Priorities

There are always some more crucial factors for you than the others when you need to make a decision. So, defining the prioritizing points is one of the first steps that you need to take. Think of the answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you need a roommate who likes being at home or who prefers going out a lot?
  2. Do you mind your roommate inviting guests to your place?
  3. What is your sleep schedule? If you prefer staying up late, you need to look for a roommate with the same habits.
  4. Do you mind your roommate having pets?
  5. Do you value your boundaries and would like to have as little shared space as possible?
  6. Would you like to have common interests?

These are just the basic things that you need to think about when choosing a roommate. You might even find out that living with a roommate is not for you as you would prefer living all alone. There are a lot of small things that you will have to get used to when you move in with someone. Not everything is going to be as smooth as you wish. 

Create a List of Criteria

So, basically, you need to create a list of the criteria that you want your roommate to meet. For example, you might be an introvert and wouldn’t like your roommate to have guests all the time. Then you should definitely put this into your list. Start with the most important factors for you, like bad habits, tidiness, sleep and study schedule, etc.

Think of Expenses

When you live with a roommate, there are a lot of situations when you need to share costs—for example, paying rent, buying necessary items like a microwave or a sofa, etc. When looking for a roommate, discuss finances as a part of your conversation. Sometimes money can be an awkward topic, but you really need to know if your roommate is on the same page as you are. You don’t want to pay for everything, right? When two are living in the same space, they need to be willing to invest in the space equally or at least try to. 

Discuss Your Needs

Everyone has different needs, and this is another thing that you should discuss with your potential roommate. For example, you might be used to cleaning your space at least once a week or listening to music a lot. Your roommate is not the same person and might not share your interests and needs. So, you should be aware of it. We all grow up in completely different atmospheres, and something that you find ordinary might not match with what the other person is used to. Don’t be surprised if your roommate hates opening windows to air a room or doesn’t even a dinner table to eat at.

Establish Rules

When you live in the same place with another person, there should be a list of rules that you both stick to in your everyday life. Such rules might be established regarding such details as inviting friends or creating a cleaning schedule, paying bills, quiet hours, etc. This is one of the most important steps in establishing a healthy atmosphere in your home. Finding compromises with another person is not always easy, especially if you were not friends before you move in together; however, it’s possible if you can clearly express what you expect of living together.

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