How to Get Rid of Winter Blues

Winter is a season that we all love for Christmas but also hate for the lack of sun and bright colors around us. It’s a season of nostalgia, thoughts, and low energy level. So, it’s time to wake yourself up and get rid of this passive and lazy state. Spring is here, so let’s learn how to reboot and energize yourself.

#1 Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not only a way to give your dorm room or rented apartment a shiny and tidy look. It’s also a way to declutter your mind and make your place a lot more suitable for your current goals. 

It’s not a surprise why many people tend to pick spring as the most suitable season for massive cleaning. It’s time when you want to freshen up your house, let more air in, wake your home up and make it look like spring. It’s also the time when we need to declutter our minds after long wintery days with all their sleepiness and laziness.

So, if you want to meet spring with a fresh mind and fresh smell in your room, you better start cleaning your space. Make sure you really give your place a deep clean, get rid of all the necessary and annoying things to make the atmosphere at home comfortable and warm.

#2 Organize Your Files

Another place that needs deep-clean and thorough organization is your computer. Make sure you delete all the files that you don’t need anymore and organize the rest in the most convenient way – some prefer having folders by the subject or course, others find separating files according to their type or date more suitable.

Make sure you also copy the most important files, like your unfinished term paper, to store them separately in case you get them deleted from your computer due to an unexpected virus, error, or system fails. Store the copies on a memory card, or use online cloud storage. This might save you from losing your work completely.

Decluttering and organizing your files is a simple method, yet very effective. It will not only give you some inspiration and motivation but might also change your study routine for the better.

#3 Try Something New

Sometimes all we need is to try something new in our lives. It shouldn’t necessarily be something completely extreme or crazy. No, even going to the park that you have never been to for your daily walk might do a lot for you. 

Whenever you feel like you are tired of all the routine and daily tasks – change something in your life. Don’t have an apple for breakfast as you always do, or don’t go to the same grocery shop that you got used to. A little shake in your life will not hurt. It’s a trick that will make your mind get out of the routine and break the circle. 

#4 Be More Active

Spring is the perfect time to start attending gym if you haven’t yet or start doing yoga. Not only it will benefit your health, but it will also be great for your mental health. 

Physical activity makes our stress level go down while also helping our bloodstream. As the result – we feel much better physically, and less angry or sad. If you don’t have access to a gym or can’t start working out, you should at least try everyday walks. Fresh air will positively affect your health and mental state. Moreover, if you experience problems with falling asleep, a good walk before going to bed, will help you a lot.

#5 Reduce Online Presence

Long winter days might be good for scrolling through your social media uncontrollably. But spring is completely different and it’s a great time to get rid of old and destructive habits. And wasting your time on content that is not joyful or useful is definitely one that you can easily get rid of.

The beginning of this blog post was about spring cleaning. Imagine, that it is spring cleaning for your own mind. If you want to have more productive days and better sleep, it’s crucial to understand when it is time to stop spending so much time online. You can even download an app that will help you track and control how much time you spend on social media. 

Think of all the free time that you will have on your hands to spend on things like your hobby, learning, doing something that you enjoy, etc. What a beautiful and useful way to boost your productivity. Moreover, many people notice that their anxiety level reduces when they stop using social media so much. Try it and you will definitely see the difference in your daily routine.

Have a great and productive spring. Wishing you the best!

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