How to Make Money From Your Hobby

Having a hobby that boosts your mood is wonderful. It can significantly improve your mental health, motivation, and productivity. It’s great if you have enough time that you can spend doing what you love. But making money from your hobby is even better. If you have ever thought of a possibility to earn something from your hobby and wonder how you can do it, this blog post is just for you.

Extra Money Never Hurt Nobody

You probably know a great expression: “Choose a job that brings you joy and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And it’s completely true. When you do something that you really enjoy, it doesn’t feel like a hustle. Turning a hobby into a profitable business is not always possible though, considering competition on the market and other important factors like time and money investments. However, making at least some money on your hobby is more than possible.

While you are a struggling college student, you will definitely appreciate any chance to make some extra money, especially if it doesn’t make you work a job that you don’t like. So, it’s not surprising that many college students try various options of turning their hobbies into profit. Here are a few tips from us.

Video Tutorials

You probably know about monetization on YouTube, TikTok, and various streaming platforms. And while these resources are mostly filled with entertaining content, there are a lot of useful and well-structured learning videos. 

If you have a gadget with suitable software and some free time, you can create tutorials or teaching videos, videos of the creation process, etc. Such content can get a lot of views if it’s nicely put together or contains some useful tips and tricks. Of course, it takes some time to learn how to edit such videos and how to make them as interesting and appealing as possible – with all the correct lighting, proper text and music accompanying, the right angle of the camera, and, of course, prewritten script and text. However, many successful channels earn good money for their effort. 

You can create videos on:

  • Writing, storytelling
  • Crafting, hand made
  • Painting, digital illustration
  • Singing, playing instruments
  • Dancing, choreography, workout
  • And many other skills that you would like to share with the audience.


As you can see, there are many hobby fields that you can make tutorials or other types of videos about. If you want to share your skills, you can also teach others through personal and group lessons. You can organize such lessons online or offline. Online lessons don’t require any designated and particularly allocated space, like a studio. You can work from your room through the Internet and use specific platforms that provide help and assistance in the process of assignment instructors with students. Such platforms can be accessed by people who would like to learn a new skill and help them connect with you as a teacher.

Online Sales

Selling your hand-made items is another way to make money on your hobby. Many people buy such things on Ebay and other websites which can help crafters make profits from their creations. However, not many people know that you can sell not only hand-made jewelry, pottery, knitted clothes, and other things like these, but also:

  • Songs, jingles
  • Music compositions
  • Poetry, custom stories
  • Paintings, illustrations
  • Workout programs, training plans

Just like with teaching or videomaking, you can make money from what you enjoy doing. For example, if you write music, you can sell your compositions and songs that are already created and recorded. Many companies buy music from small artists and pay good money. So, when you have an already written song, you can place it on a platform for sale.

Freelance Orders

Working with clients who order some custom-made items and services might be hard but is definitely a good source of income. Many people are looking for something made personally for them with all their requirements met.

Writers, musicians, illustrators, programmers can work with clients through freelance platforms, like Upwork, for example. Of course, that means that the platform itself helps find orders for a small fee and it really can make it easier to have a stable profit. The main difference between freelance and online sales is in the personalized approach. Thу first option implies selling already finished items, projects, and services, while the second one means working with the clients’ requests.

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