Morning Habits that Will Make Your Days Better

All right, it’s true: for some, mornings prove a bitter pill to swallow. Somehow it seems like you’ve just finally drifted off to deep sleep when that pesky phone chimes then vibrates its way off the bedside table. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in this—far from it—then take heed: there exist some quick fixes to managing a better start to each and every day: just commit to improved morning habits and you’ll progressively find your way to a smoother start.

Get Light

Studies have shown that bright light in the early morning hours can stimulate the brain and jumpstart your immune system. Get some! Fling open the blinds, turn on the overhead lights. Take advantage of how that wattage might improve your morning. Don’t languish in shadowy mood lighting—there’s time for that later! Start a habit of embracing the start of every day by welcoming in the sun.

Get Offline

The urge to check your email, scroll the news feed on Facebook and take a peek on what your friends posted on Instagram during the night is clear: we have already become addicted to technology. However, putting these activities off until you’ve had your breakfast is actually a great way to start a productive and happy day.

Saving yourself some off-screen time has tons of benefits. Your brain doesn’t get cluttered with the information, coming from other people and gets a chance to concentrate on what’s going on with you personally.

In addition to that, people have now developed a so-called news anxiety, with all the troubling events happening around the globe. That’s why keeping the precious morning time only to yourself is valuable for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Get Moving

There’s nothing like physical activity to make your entire day better. It’s obvious that any movement, even in the form of passive stretching, can put a person on the path to alertness, and it certainly energizes us to tackle a meeting or project. Plan a 10-minute walk around the block, first thing. That’ll jump start the metabolism and clear the fog from your mind. Imagine the energy that breaking a sweat might provide, then relish the reward: a better start to your day.

Get Food

Food is paramount to a head start, so don’t deny your body its necessary fuel. For some, breakfast isn’t appealing. It’s too early; you’re too rushed. It’s imperative, then, to plan ahead by having breakfast options at the ready. Grab and go fruit (like a banana) plus a protein bar provide just the right combination of nutrients to promote physical and intellectual productivity for the first few hours of the day. Make your day better: get in the habit of eating breakfast.

Get Together

If mornings are difficult, why not try to find strength in numbers? Consider a coffee circle with friends, even just one day per week. That morning social might become the very habit that mobilizes you in unexpected ways. By talking and commiserating with friends or colleagues in the morning, you might just begin that day with a little more open-mindedness and motivation.

Get Excited

Get in the habit of focusing on the good that this day might bring. This requires that you talk to yourself, maybe even out loud, about what tasks are ahead. Verbalize an inventory of things to come, looking at each chore or assignment as a grand opportunity to gain traction and gain ground. Your good days depend on how well you manage this particular habit, so do it. Get excited about what’s to come.

Ultimately, the object is to lean into every day. Take on and tackle every fine morning: there’s nothing you can’t handle. And remember: regular action morphs into habits, making it more possible that each day starts on a more positive note.

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