Why Do People Break the Law?

Why Do People Break the Law?

A large number of people live on our planet. Each of them is unique, which provides a large number of different individuals. Throughout the history of humanity, a large number of people violate the laws. Now, there are also many such people. Everyone has its reasons to break the law. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these reasons correctly to reduce the violation, since there can be many of them in the modern world.

The question of why people violate the law is complicated to understand. There are many types of violation of the law, and each crime has its specific causes. In my opinion, most of the crimes are the fault of drug addicts and alcoholics. Addicts are always in need of a new dose of drugs, and at the time, there is no money to buy. The desire to get a new dose wins the common sense, and they are capable of serious crimes.

 Alcohol addicts often do not understand what they are doing. Even the fact that their actions can bring suffering to their loved ones does not force them to stop. Often, these people do not work anywhere and have no funds for alcohol. Being in search of money, they start to rob or even be able to commit crimes that are more serious. These people often lose their mind and start breaking the law.

A large number of people do not have alcohol or drug addiction but may violate the law. A similar crime can occur when a person suffers from a nervous breakdown after intense work. Such people often do not fully understand their actions. Therefore, their deeds may pose a danger to society. These humans may commit a minor violation of the law and, in some cases; their crimes will be much more serious.

In our society, many people are below the poverty line. They cannot eat regularly and cannot afford standard housing and clothing. Therefore, such people are forced to resort to a violation of the law to meet their minimum needs. “Those who work with persistent offenders (and prisoners) on a regular basis are keenly aware that most come from disadvantaged backgrounds” (Wikstrom & Treiber, 2016). They can plunder to feed themselves and their loved ones.

There are many factors behind the crime. Thus, one of these factors is that some people are marginalized by society. It starts from the very childhood when the child feels lonely in the family. Then the relationships do not coincide with their peers in school and the university. Therefore, this person, as he grows up, becomes isolated and ceases to perceive society adequately. Such people stop to understand society and laws and; therefore, are on the path of crime.

The reason for pushing a person to violate the law is the desire to assert. In childhood, such people often feel the harsh attitude of parents and are the subject to bullying from peers. Over time, a person thinks that he is defective. Therefore, this human wants to assert himself in any way. This leads to frequent violations of the laws.

Many people live without enough money to meet their needs. Some people accumulate their capital through constant work. However, some such people have a low income but also want to get rich. Some people can do nothing legally, and they are tempted by easy money. The desire to live no worse than their wealthy friends pushes these people to break the law.

In my opinion, the main reason that leads people to a violation of the law is the wrong parenting of children. Very often parents show a negative example for their children. Sometimes parents mistreat their siblings and as a result become their first victims. Therefore, I think that the very childhood is the period in human life when the psyche and a further view of society are formed. That is why every member of our community must bear the sort of responsibility for young people. Senior members of society should show an example of how a person should behave and attach the necessary moral values.

Children who have experienced family violence have problems in the psyche. Such children began to treat the same members of society as others. For example, I witnessed the collapse of the family of one of my neighbors. When the family left without their father, their mother fell into a dip. She began to use alcohol to reduce her mental pain. After a while, she forgot about her children completely. Mother was not interested in the affairs of her boys and ceased to practice their education.

The children grew up in awful conditions. They could not eat as they need and they were forced to walk in dirty clothes. Drunken men who came to their mother accompanied them. As a result, these people became participants of the gang who was involved in the theft. After a while, they were charged with violating the law and settling in jail. Therefore, it is essential for parents to raise their children and show them the correct behavior.

In the modern world, there is often a violation of the law. People who are drug addicts or alcoholics sometimes violate the law. However, often the law violates by ordinary people. The reasons for such behavior are the factors associated with their childhood. Therefore, it is critical to bring up the child without violence and present an excellent example to follow.


Wikstrom, P. H. & Treiber, K. (2016). Social disadvantage and crime. American Behavioral Scientist, 60(10), 1232-1259.

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