Things You Should Do Before Your College Move-In Day

Any move-in day is usually overwhelming. Especially if it’s the first time when you are going to live somewhere outside of your home and your parents. On this day, you are probably worrying about all your belongings, double-checking each item in your list. You also don’t know what to do, feeling frustrated and too excited. That’s why we made such a checklist for you, so you can look it through and avoid forgetting something very important.

Talk to Your New Roommates

Usually, you will get contacts of your new roommates a few weeks before the move-in day itself. Don’t just brush off such an opportunity to chat with them and coordinate regarding some essential things, for example, what you should take with you. Many students are allowed to take a mini-fridge or a microwave, coffee machine, etc. It’s best to create a list of things you have that both you and your roommate can use and make sure you don’t bring two microwaves and no fan. 

It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about each other and create a great first impression. Chances are you will live together for a long time, so you should make sure you get along. Some general rules, such as cleaning after yourself without waiting for your roommate to clean or making sure you don’t bring unexpected guests, should also be discussed beforehand. All people are different, so you might find the habits and life routine of another person pretty distractive or annoying – talk about this while you are still at home and have an opportunity to think with a cold head.

Sign All of Your Boxes

Packing your stuff in the boxes seems like a great idea until you realize that everyone in your college will do the same thing. Welcome week is always a mess – students are all over the place, college workers help you carry your things, you can’t always keep an eye on your things. Just imagine the number of identical boxes in your dorm! It feels like the chaos that might result in the disappearance of someone’s belongings. You don’t want to be that someone who is running all around the campus searching for their missed boxes, do you? That’s why signing all of your boxes with your name and the room number is a great idea. You can also write your phone number on the boxes as well.

Review Guidelines and Policies

Double-checking housing arrangements and guidelines never hurts. Make sure you know exactly what you can take with you, at what time to come, and what documents you should have on hand. There are multiple things that are mentioned only in the guidelines and policies sent to you by the college – they can’t even be found on their website. So, don’t forget to read what the letter from your college says about all the restrictions and rules that you need to follow when you move into the dorm. For example, there might be a restriction regarding heating devices – you don’t want to bring a heater with you just to learn that you can’t have it in your room.

Check for Events and Make a Schedule

Creating a schedule for the next month before you move in might seem like a silly thing to do – you don’t know what to expect from the first month of college and the number of assignments you have to deal with. However, it’s not that silly when you think about it. In fact, such a schedule can help you out a lot – check the schedule of various events planned for the welcome week and the next month, put the ones that you want to attend on your list, and create a schedule with all the important things planned. This way, you will make sure you don’t forget about that club meeting or party that you really want to go to.

Shop for Necessities You Lack

It might seem that you have everything you need for your daily life at your home, but remember that not everything you can take with you. That one pair of scissors or a single screwdriver can become an object of fight between you and your parents – you all need it, so you should buy yourself one. Create a list of necessities that are not that obvious – such as basic tools, organizers and holders, cooking stuff. You will definitely need much more items besides your clothes and hygiene products. Ask your parents or older siblings, friends to help you out – they can probably think of many things that you might completely forget about. 


Move-in day is a happy and exciting yet nervous moment in everyone’s life. So be sure to start preparing for it beforehand, and don’t forget to use our easy tips that will help you throughout your college years. Good luck!

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