How to Focus on Your Homework

Sometimes it becomes too hard to concentrate on your studies especially when the topic is not that interesting or when an assignment is challenging and takes much time. Here are a few tips on how you can make it easier to focus on your homework and, as a result, reduce the time you spend on it.

Why Do We Procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the most common reasons why students spend more time on their homework than they could have. Poor concentration and procrastination are very close to each other and should be viewed as one problem that is complicated yet solvable.

So why do we procrastinate? The main reason is a lack of self-discipline – the ability to organize your time and stick to your plan or schedule. It’s crucial to be able to stay motivated in order to improve your self-discipline, and know how to manage your time, plan your day, and prioritize your daily or academic tasks.

Another reason for procrastination is the inability to organize your environment and eliminate distractions in order to be able to focus and become more productive. Such distractions might be other people, other tasks, devices, social life, mental health or stress level, etc. It’s a complicated problem that is not always that easy to solve but we give you some tips that will help you out.

Getting Rid of Distractions

So, when you are placed in an environment that is full of other people, has lots of noises, or is simply uncomfortable, there is no surprise you might experience a lack of focus. But the most important factor that might cause you to lose your concentration is the Internet. Texting your friends, watching your favorite show, surfing websites for some new clothes – all of this is probably what you spend your time on instead of doing your homework.

One of the things you might try to get rid of distractions is to install blocking software – there are apps and programs that are meant to block the activity of your phone, tablet, or computer while you are studying. You can control how long you want these apps to work or which websites and messengers you want to be blocked.  

Avoid using your phone or watching Netflix while you are doing your homework. If you need some music to play as a background, you can try out study/work music playlists that are composed the way they help you concentrate and put you in the right mood.

Pro tip: you can log out from your regular account on your computer and log in as a guest to avoid having all the distracting notifications and messages while you are studying.

Setting Your Study Space

Another very important thing is your comfort while you are studying. It’s crucial to make sure you can relax, enjoy the temperature and lighting in your room and have everything you need on hand. So, setting your study space, organized to your liking and comfort is one of the most useful things you can do to help you focus.

Having a separate study space can help you a lot. It should be comfortable enough for you to sit through your long study sessions and be isolated so you can control your environment – otherwise ask your roommates or family members to respect your study time.

Pro tip: avoid studying in your bed – it is the place where fall asleep quickly and it will not help you be productive due to simple habits that your brain creates.

Eating Healthy and Light Meals

Eating a lot of food before your study session will probably make you sleepy and a little slow. That is why it is completely wrong to study with a full stomach – it’s better to have light meals and snacks during your breaks.

Healthy meals which contain healthy fat and acids, for example, nuts, berries, salmon, and vegetables will significantly help you to boost your brain activity. It’s crucial to avoid drinking much alcohol as it also might make you less concentrated, but having workouts instead. Some students admit that workouts make them feel much more productive and focused, even light ones.

Learning to Prioritize

The capacity to prioritize your duties is another crucial skill for completing your schoolwork. Arrange your teacher’s assignments in order of significance and difficulty. Try to finish the most difficult jobs first.

However, try not to become fixated on a single task. Take your time with your assignment. If you are unable to complete it, move on to the next task. You will be able to complete the assignments you missed once you are finished. This technique will allow you to avoid facing blocks and might cheer you up as you are done with another batch of homework.

Sticking Up to Your Routine

Routines allow us to be more productive while also creating a habit, thus saving your time. When you have homework to accomplish, a study regimen can help you settle down, set aside enough time, concentrate, and stay focused until the job is finished.

Decide when it is the best time of the day for you to work on your assignments. For example, in the evening, or before your classes. Put your phone on quiet, make a list of the tasks you need to complete, and start with the most critical.

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