How to Get Along With Your Roommates

Living in a dorm or renting an apartment often means living with roommates who you might not even like at all. But even if you are living with your college friends, oftentimes you might face disagreements and fights that come because co-living is not all cakes and butterflies. Different origins and different routines or habits sometimes cause problems and misunderstandings. This post will help you establish a better relationship with your roommates and learn how to get along and set the rules so everyone feels comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk

Communication is the key. As long as you hold your thoughts to yourself, there might be a lot of misunderstanding. If you feel like something is bothering you, just tell about it. If you feel like others don’t follow the rules, make sure you discuss it too. Don’t let it become a snowball turning into an avalanche. 

Others might just not notice that you are upset and it’s okay as they are not obligated to. Communicating and staying calm during your discussions is a sign of maturity and responsibility that you are ready to take. So, if there is an issue, calmly address it at once.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

The one thing that becomes a problem most of the time is the cleaning and various fights on who should do it and how. You might find it not fair that you are the one cleaning all the time while others seem to only create more mess. 

In order to avoid these uncomfortable situations when you need to remind your roommates about cleaning, you can all create a special schedule that would evenly distribute duties and chores among all the residents. Not only it should include the cleaning of the common spaces but also such things as a schedule for using the washing machine or taking out the trash. As long as you have such a schedule, there will be fewer fights over who was the one who missed the cleaning time. It also allows you to plan your day and make sure that anytime the landlord or the dean comes to check, there is nothing you should be ashamed of. And we all know that sometimes evictions happen because of the mess.

Discuss Your Boundaries

Everyone needs personal space. As well as everyone has their pet peeves or things that just make them feel uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to be understanding and discuss these small details to make sure that you hear each other and respect each other.

Respect the Schedule

Sometimes it happens that your roommate comes from a shift and just needs to take a nap but you need to get ready for a class or just want to watch your favorite show. That’s when misunderstanding happens and it’s due to different schedules that just don’t match. This is when you all need to sit down and talk about what you are going to do with this problem.

Make Guidelines

Other times it’s about someone taking things or food without asking. In other words, stealing. But actually, not everyone considers it to be stealing. And it happens because we are all raised in different houses with different rules. The only way you can prevent or stop it is to communicate and address all the issues that bother you. That’s why it’s so important to discuss boundaries – what everyone isn’t allowed to do or how you are going to match your routines and schedules. It’s better to do it at the very beginning when you are just moving in. It will prevent a lot of negative situations and will improve your relationship.

Have Personal Space

Surely, if you are renting and there are rooms for everyone, it’s easier to have privacy and stay on your own when you need to study or just rest. And even then, you need to set up a rule that nobody can enter it without permission and especially when you are not there. But when you share a room, it becomes much harder. 

You might want to discuss if there is a need to create a schedule for when it’s everybody’s personal time – an hour or a few when you can stay alone. Or you can even discuss a rule that would obligate you and your roommate to inform beforehand that they will have company over.

Find Common Interests

Even if you are not going to be friends with your roommate, it’s still great if you can share an interest and have talks now and then. So, finding out what you are both fond of or what your passion in life is, what your plans for the future are, etc. is only for the best.

You might like the same movie genre, so there will be no fights over TV. Or you might like the same food and share dinners together. Living beside another person is always better when you know how to make it fun and friendly. And the only way to do it is to be open and friendly.

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