Useful Tips For College Freshmen (That You Really Need)

A lot of high-school students are nervous and excited about their upcoming college experience. They might be wondering what they should wear or what they should take to the dorm. There are a lot of detail to take care of and a lot of things to go through before you are able to feel free and more or less comfortable as a college student. Here are a few tips from us for every college freshman that you will be glad to learn before your college journey starts.

Don’t Worry Too Much

If you are the one who is really concerned about what other people are going to think about your clothes, your backpack, or the way you wear your hair, just relax. The majority of people are not going to care at all – they have their own problems to concentrate on as any other incoming freshman. 

Of course, you should make sure you concentrate on your studies first – the color of your lunchbox or your habit to use colored pens will not matter that much. So don’t put additional pressure on yourself: as long as you don’t act aggressively or disrespectfully, no one really cares.

We tend to think that everybody can instantly see what we did wrong or that other people pay too much attention to what our previous test results were. It makes us depressed and focused on the thought “I’m not good enough.” Just don’t worry about it – we are all in the same boat in the sea of insecurities and mistakes. Just grab a paddle and carry on.

Self-Discipline Is a Must

When you are in college, there is no one there to force you or remind you about your studies. You need to learn how to take care of yourself, create a routine, track your deadlines, and study on your own. It’s important to learn how to organize your day and manage your time, how to talk to professors and solve your problems. You also need to take care of your health and act as an adult person who fully understands all the consequences of their actions.

Another thing is to learn how to be alone. It might seem like nothing special, but you will probably face the time when you stay alone for a while. You might have no roommate at all or be assigned with one who doesn’t want to speak to you; you might have no friends for months – and that is a sad truth that you should be prepared for. YOU have to be the most interesting person for yourself first and know how to spend time on your own without feeling down.

Learn How to Concentrate

Another thing that you should be ready for is the change in the tempo of the learning process. It might be easy to learn in high school when you get good grades without spending days doing your homework. But everything is different in college – there is so much pressure and so many assignments that you need to take care of. It’s easy to become frustrated, especially when you find it hard to focus.

Learn how to prioritize and put studies first – this is the way to minimize a hard time in college. Of course, you need time for fun and socialization but remember to organize your day so that you are done with your homework first. 

Don’t Compare Yourself

Comparing yourself to others is one of the things that might ruin your positive experience in college. There will always be people who are better than you in tests, sports, social skills, or dressing up – just take it easy. 

It’s impossible to be perfect and learning how to calm down your inner perfectionist is really useful in college. Remember that it’s not a race and not a competition – just do your best and everything will be fine. 

You can spend years being jealous about someone getting a better grade but unless you run your own way, there will be nothing good about it. You are unique and your experience is too. So, when your college life doesn’t look like someone else’s – it’s not a big deal. For example, you heard those stories from your older brother or your friends about how they were partying every day while studying in college but it’s not what your college life looks like – so what? Don’t waste your time living an illusion and make the best out of what you have on hand – this is the only way to have a positive college experience. Otherwise, you might be really disappointed that your college is not like in those TV shows.

And remember that other people’s choices, mistakes, or victories don’t define you and your life. You are a person with a whole other set of personal traits, abilities, and environment. And you should not try to live according to someone’s expectations.

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